Quadricentennial Events

Jamestown 400th Anniversary Events

Celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown all year long. We’ve captured some highlights for you here.

January 2007:  Where it all started – 400 years ago

Where did the early settlers come from?  We have to go back to Gravesend, Kent, United Kingdom, on January 7, 1607.  This is the location where courageous individuals set sail from the Thames River to the Americas.

If you are interested in a web-based educational experience about the types of conditions and challenges the first settlers encountered, go to www.Jamestown1607.org and enter the words “stories of a nation”.

February 2007: Black History Month

A number of interpretive programs about the lives of Africans in Virginia took place in February at both Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center.

March 2007:  Women’s History Month

The Williamsburg Playhouse Symposium provided an opportunity to learn about and experience the framework of the Williamsburg Playhouse of 1760.  During the last several years, archeologists have uncovered clues about the theater and its complex structure. Experts shared their views about the architectural and structural design.

April 2007:  Religion Month

Not to be missed was the early morning sunrise service Easter morning on the original landing site of Historic Jamestowne.  The service celebrated 400 years of Christianity in America!  In keeping with the past several years, hundreds of people representing several denominations gathered outside at a giant wooden cross for a worship service at the break of dawn on Easter morning.

Here’s a little secret that may help streamline your experience. Jamestown Island is part of the National Park Service. If you are planning to visit Jamestown, get your National Park pass in advance of your visit and show it at the gate.

April 29 was Dedication Sunday in Virginia Beach.  The Christian Broadcasting Network and Regent University produced a movie titled the First Landing.  The movie tells the story of the voyage as well as the faith and spiritual strength of the Chaplain of the Expedition, Robert Hunt.

April 29 - May 2 was the 61st Annual Garden Symposium in Williamsburg.

May 2007:  400th Anniversary Weekend

May 11-13, 2007, was the 400th Anniversary Weekend.

The LPGA’s 2007 Michelob ULTRA Open at Kingsmill golf tournament was held May 7-13. This is a fine golf event that attracts top talent.  The residential resort community of Kingsmill is among the best in the world.  If you enjoy this lifestyle and are attracted to the quality of life the Williamsburg area has to offer, consider buying a second home off the 8th green of this highly acclaimed River Course.  There is a cluster home for sale for under $500,000 in Kingsmill.

Visit the Jamestown website for additional information on anniverary weekend programs.

The World of 1607 – This “event” will carry on through December 2008.  Get a global perspective by seeing artifacts of the 17th century assembled from more than ten countries at the Jamestown Settlement museum and theater.  Also see a 15th century copy of the Magna Carta.

May 24-25 a replica of the Godspeed visited Richmond as a 400th celebration of Christopher Newport’s arrival at the “Falls of the James River” where the river’s draft becomes too shallow to sail further upstream.

June - October, 2007

June 27-July 8 – Smithsonian Folklife Festival on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

July 21-22 – Native American Intertribal Cultural Festival at the Hampton Coliseum

August – Commerce and Culture Exposition

September – Global Forum on the Future of Democracy.

October 5-6 – Virginia Indian Symposium

October 22-25 – Battle of Yorktown – 225th Anniversary event.  The Yorktown National Battlefield is the site of the celebration of the Revolutionary War Victory at Yorktown.

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